Kit Platinium

The new platinium plus kit    offers a continuous output of 350 watts and a maximum of 612. It is available in sizes 26, 27.5 and 28 inches and two speeds to choose from (25km / h or 33 km / h). It has a 17 amp computerized controller (to choose between integrated or external option) and a multitude of batteries so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.  

LCD PLUS Platinium KIT

€ 309,00tax incl.

- +

Battery type (possiton):
Battery type (capacity):
Battery holder:
  • /img/co/179.jpg
    +€ 30,00
  • /img/co/86.jpg
cableado motores:
E-bus extender
  • /img/co/182.jpg
    e-bus cable 1-4 1-1 165 cm (2201062)
  • /img/co/181.jpg
    e-bus cable 1-4 1-1 98 cm (2201058)
  • /img/co/173.jpg
    e-bus cable 1-4 95 cm. (2201152) +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/174.jpg
    e-bus cable 1-4 165 cm. (2201059) +€ 8,00
Controller housing:
  • /img/co/92.jpg
    Controller saddle bag (1501018)
  • /img/co/93.jpg
    Controller frame bag (2201104) +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/94.jpg
    Controller box small (2201102) +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/95.jpg
    Controller box medium (220111) +€ 15,00
Display type:
  • /img/co/57.jpg
    LCD5 Display (2201058)
  • /img/co/216.jpg
    LCD5 XS Display (2201082)
  • /img/co/58.jpg
    LCD5 plus Display (2201095) +€ 8,00
  • /img/co/178.jpg
    LCDX Color display (2201083) +€ 50,00
PAS type:
  • /img/co/98.jpg
    Standard 85 mm. square crank PAS (2201057)
  • /img/co/99.jpg
    Easy Split PAS sensor 75 mm. (2201086) +€ 15,00
  • /img/co/135.jpg
    85 mm. square crank PAS 80 cm. cable (2201050)
  • /img/co/217.jpg
    Hollotech 10 magnet for 26 theeh chain wheel PAS (2201081) +€ 15,00
  • /img/co/240.jpg
    Sensor de pedaleo F12-L +€ 15,00
Cable pas:
  • /img/co/176.jpg
    PAS cable extender 80 cm.(2201153)
Brake system (optional):
  • /img/co/214.jpg
  • /img/co/102.jpg
    +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/103.jpg
    +€ 15,00
  • /img/co/104.jpg
    +€ 15,00
Throttle (optional):
  • /img/co/213.jpg
    Sin acelerador
  • /img/co/105.jpg
    PRO type throttle right hand (2201003) +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/106.jpg
    Thumb throttle (2201056) +€ 10,00
  • /img/co/107.jpg
    Twist throttle half-size (2201010) +€ 18,00
  • /img/co/108.jpg
    Right hand grip throttle (2201009) +€ 18,00
  • /img/co/109.jpg
    PRO type throttle left hand (2201006) +€ 18,00
Weight:: Kg
More info

The new motor kit platinium  plus now offers a possibility never seen before. A motor with 250 nominal watts (350 watts continuous), with measurements in 26, 27.5 and 28 inches and two speeds to choose from (25km / h or 33 km / h), a 17 amp computerized controller (to choose between the integrated option or external) and a multitude of batteries for you to choose the one that best suits your needs make the platinium plus the ideal kit to enjoy an electric bike without giving up on continuing to use the usual bicycle.  

The platinium plus kit consists of a rear motor with output for cassette sprockets up to 10 speeds (sprockets not included), a controller (to choose between external or integrated), a screen with five levels of assistance (see models), sensor pedal, battery and charger and, as optional elements, accelerator and brake sensor. It also includes the necessary wiring for the installation and other elements, such as boxes for the controller if necessary, the battery charger, etc. Mounting tools are not included.

Installation and useR manual


With its 250 watt. Rated (350 watt. wattage), our famous Platinium plus motor has the perfect balance of weight and performance. In combination with the 17-amp LCD5 controller, it supplies up to 612 watts of peak power.

The CicloTEK Platinium motor offers no resistance to pedaling when it is not active. This way, you can ride your bike without starting the engine if you want. When connected, its operation is extremely smooth and quiet.

Double wall rim and black color; reinforced spokes. Disc brake compatible

Available in the following sizes (select from dropdown menu)

  • Rear 135 mm. (26, 27.5 28 ”): for cassette sprockets up to 10 speed. With possibility for disc brake

Available in 2  different maximum speeds , depending on rim measurements. (Option selectable)

  • 25 km / h: Standard configuration. Balance between speed and climbing capacity.
  • 33 km / h: Suitable for high speed routes. It is not appropriate to face climbs without pedaling aid.

* Speeds at 36v. With the battery fully charged (42 v.) These maximum speeds are higher.

  • Technology: Brushless geared.
  • Nominal voltage: 36v.            
  • Torque: 32nm
  • Rpm: According to radio
  • Nominal power: 250 watt.
  • Waterproof connector for easy replacement
  • Weight: 3.4 Kg.
  • Dimensions

At CicloTEK we like to adapt to you, that's why, we have a wide range of batteries so you can find the one that best fits your bicycle and with different capacities, so that you find the most suitable for the use you are going to make of your new vehicle electric:


FT batteries are intended to be housed in the bottle cage hole. Its aesthetic result is excellent, ideal on mountain bikes or in combination with integrated controllers (HIC). We have FT batteries in the following capacities for the platinium kit:

  • 9 Ah FT battery

  • 11 Ah FT battery.

  • 16 Ah FT battery.

  • 17.5 Ah FT battery. 

  • 19.2 Ah FT battery. 


Model CK batteries are installed in a special carrier that is included with the kit. It is necessary that the bicycle has the necessary screws to install a carrier. The controller is housed in a box for this purpose (included). The battery features a battery powered tail light. Available in two versions

  • 11 Ah CK battery.
  • 16 Ah CK battery.


BS batteries are housed in a tool bag, which is secured with straps behind the saddle. It is a battery especially suitable for double suspension bicycles, in which it is not possible, due to its geometry and configuration, to fit other types of batteries. The available versions are:

  • 10.4 Ah BS battery.
  • 12.8 Ah BS battery. 


  • If you are a lover of the classic, vintage batteries will surely fit your style. From 12.8 Ah. of capacity are served in a genuine leather bag that also includes a hole to place the kit controller, so there is no need for extra accommodation. Available in two versions:
  • 12.8 Vintage Drum and Black Leather Bag
  • 12.8 Vintage Drum and Brown Leather Bag


The controller is the brain of the system. It receives the instructions on the screen and tells the kit how to operate. Platinium plus and RACE motors mount a 17 amp driver. and can have a version integrated in the battery holder (only in combination with the FT model batteries). 

Its programming is specially optimized so that pedaling assistance is natural, but at the same time effective. The exits are smooth and progressive, but the forceful acceleration. Next to the controller you can choose a bag or box to house it (in case it is an external controller). All our controllers have waterproof connections and light output. It is an output at 36, volts and 0.5 amps, valid only to work in conjunction with the Cyclotek light pack. (no support or guarantee will be given on the operation of the light output with other brands)

Clicking on the image you will see each controller (opens in a new tab)


In the platinium plus kit you can choose between four screen models, from the simplest to the most advanced color screen, through the traditional LCD5 screen.

PAS Sensor

The pas sensor is the element that detects pedaling and makes the kit work. With the different pedaling sensors we adapt to the bottom bracket that your bicycle has. We have pedaling sensors for spindle shafts and for hollotech, hollow shafts, presffit or similar. Due to the number of existing bottom bracket versions some adaptation may have to be made in the country. 


Brake cut-off systems cut motor current while braking. They are an additional security element to the kit. Highly recommended in cases of technical use of the bicycle or in urban use that allows us to stop the engine immediately. In addition, they protect the motor in the event that it is acting and being braked at the same time. 


Allows you to use the motor without pedaling. Its optional installation and use is not allowed on public roads. We have several models of throttle to suit the handlebar and customer's claims:

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