KIT motor central CTX

The new loTEK CTX Cic motor is lighter, more powerful and all in a smaller size. As an important innovation it includes a pedaling sensor (PAS) + a torque sensor (TORQUE). Its software provides more natural assistance and it is easy to maintain speed effortlessly (thanks to the PAS) but with instantaneous and effort proportional power delivery (with TORQUE information).

CTX middle motor KIT

€ 509,00tax incl.

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Battery type (possiton):
Battery type (possiton)   
Battery type (capacity):
Battery holder:
  • With holder (2201123)
Controller housing:
  • +€ 20,00
Display type:
Display type   
Brake system (optional):
Brake system (optional)   
Throttle (optional):
Throttle (optional)   
Tamaño plato motor CTX:
  • +€ 25,00
Alargador cable batería:
  • /img/co/177.jpg
    Waterproof battery cable extender 50 cm. (2201160)
Weight:: Kg
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Introducing our 3rd generation of central bicycle engines. The new CicloTEK CTX engine is lighter, more powerful and all in a smaller size. As an important innovation it includes a pedaling sensor (PAS) + a torque sensor (TORQUE), and its new software provides a much more natural assistance and in which it is easy to maintain speed without effort (thanks to the PAS sensor) but with a Instant, effort-proportional power delivery (with information from the TORQUE sensor). Now our 250 watt. CTX motor also includes gear sensor. You can find more information about gear sensor here.  - THIS MOTOR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR OFF-ROAD USE - 

  • Less weight and size (3.6 kg.)
  • Increased ground clearance once installed on the bike.
  • More robust, larger sprockets.
  • Quieter: Helical internal sprockets. 
  • Torque + pas + speed sensor, more efficient control algorithm.
  • 250 watt.
  • 36v. compatible with the wide range of CicloTEK batteries
  • Compatible with the entire range of CicloTEK accelerators 
  • Impressive torque (80 nm.) A true climber. 
  • Available with 42 and 46 pinion chainrings (optional). 
  • Brake sensors INCLUDED
  • Optional color screen. 
  • Integrated light output.
  • Technology: Brushless geared.
  • Nominal voltage: 36v.            
  • Limited maximum speed (25Km / H) *
  • Maximum speed without limitation depends on the sprocket used and the pedaling power. In normal configuration more than 35 km / h
* The limitation can be changed from 0 to 70 km / h
  • Nominal power: 250 watt. Continue 350
  • Maximum power: 600 Watts
  • Maximum torque 80 n / m (one of the highest on the market)
  • Weight: 3.6 Kg. 
  • Plate: 42/46 T

With our central kit we present two display options: the LCD500 in black and white or the C800 in full color. Both screens are of high quality and visibility. They have a battery charge indicator, digital speedometer, light on button / display backlight.

Crank set

The new CicloTEK central motor has by default a 42 teeth chainring. Enough for most uses, but you can choose an extra 46 tooth chainring (with supplement) for those that require higher speeds. If you opt for the 46 tooth chainring, both chainrings will be sent to you. The kit includes 170mm cranks and the necessary hardware to adjust it, as well as a tool to place it on the bottom bracket. 


Brake cut-off systems cut motor current while braking. They are an additional security element to the kit. Highly recommended in cases of technical use of the bicycle or in urban use that allows us to stop the engine immediately. In addition, they protect the motor in the event that it is acting and being braked at the same time. 


Allows you to use the motor without pedaling. Its optional installation and use is not allowed on public roads. We have several models of throttle to suit the handlebar and customer's claims:

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